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Our history

Limer-Cart is an essentially family company, based on Christian values, which was born from the hard and committed work of a man and his wife: Mr. Elio and Mrs. Marilena started this story in 1991, with great willingness and unity.

Mrs. Marilena participated at every moment alongside Mr. Elio in the most diverse tasks, from unloading trucks to issuing notes.

In the beginning, Limer-Cart was a partnership between Mr. Elio and a partner, Soares – in memoriam, but it was dismantled and shaped on the bases that sustain it to this day.

And this family essence, of trust, unity and commitment, was expanding, in ways that gave opportunities to friends and some family members who were becoming part of the company's growth.

The company started with its work with Paperboard, that explains the name Limer-Cart (Limeira – Carton).

These cards were initially cut to suit candy factories, garlic packaging, shirt support, etc. and there was also Cellophane used in several products because it is a transparent paper and then, when its first rewinder was acquired, Limer-Cart began to buy reels.

In 1994, Limer-Cart began distributing bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) films, also produced at the time by Votocel, which became the company's success story, consolidating the slogan "BOPP is our business".

And in 1996 the company already stood out, leading the distribution of BOPP films in the Brazilian market. That's when we moved to a new unit of 1,400m² of built area.

During this period, we consolidated our own fleet, serving customers in all Brazilian states.

“The rest is history.”

A beautiful one.

Despite the difficulties, the need to give up important moments with his family and rest, Mr. Elio never, ever thought about giving up.

There's nothing stopping you from doing what you love so much: working. And that love is reflected in their relationships over more than three decades.

He is loved by everyone, from employees to partners, from family members to customers.

He does whatever it takes to help, he is famous for being good at negotiating with customers because he truly understands their needs and seeks to serve them in the best possible way.

That's where our company's reputation comes from: these solid, ethical and empathetic foundations.

And a reputation like this can only be forged on top of a lot of trust, built day after day, in dealing with problems, with solutions, with innovations... with people.

This is the Limer-Cart. And we are proud to be who we are.

Limer-Cart today

Today Limer-Cart is a leader in the bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) sector, as we are always in constant search for excellence and technological innovations.

Our headquarters is located in Limeira/SP, strategically, close to the most modern and important highways in the state, which greatly facilitates the distribution to the main consumer centers throughout the country, which is done through our own fleet of trucks and partnerships with the best carriers.

With branches in the cities of Urussanga – SC and Canoas – RS, Limer-Cart is even closer to its customers.

In addition to the headquarter and branch areas, Limer-Cart has an immense infrastructure of more than 26,000 square meters, Limer-Cart is always prepared and following the growth of the sector and the demand for flexible films.

Our stock, the apple of our eye, is always robust and is always prepared to serve our customers according to their needs, which we seek to truly understand before any business dealings.

We are looking to the future and always ready for change.

In more than three decades, we have undergone many transformations and that is precisely why we are prepared for the next ones.

You can count on us.

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